A film by A D Cooper

Stranger Danger



Written & Directed by
A D Cooper



Produced by
Debra Wootton & A D Cooper

Executive Producer
Rosa Russo



Violet Mangham
Prunella Scales



Wilson Forbes
Roderick Cowie



Philip Hammond



The Stupid Twit
Jimmy Walters


 Safe Room Men
Edward Anderson
Tom Evans
Mark George
Barnaby Marmion
Mark Rush
George Vafakis



Irene East CMG

Director of Photography
Derk Russell

Peter Davies

Music Composer
Ram Khatabakhsh

Production Design
Glen Young & Oliver Tarling

Sound Recordists
Simon Bysshe
Mark Andrews

Costume Supervisor
Rebecca McManus

Hair & Make Up
Robb Crafer

1st Assistant Director
Cristina Angela Sartorio

Script Supervisor
Sheila McNaught

Production Co-ordinator
Paige Chaytor

Associate Producer
Ellie Curtis

Production Assistant
Harry Bell

Camera Assistant/DIT
Brian Lockyer

Ray Cook

Wardrobe Assistant
Ilishio Lovejoy

Make Up Intern
Elisabeth Martin

Unit Stills
Roy Morris

Sound Design & Mix
Alchemy London

Grade & Online
Martin Greenbank

Barbara Botell
Vincent Furnier

Legal Advice
Ajay Chowdhury
Tatiana Wait


Graphic Design
Webra Multimedia Ltd

Director of Marketing
Debra Wootton

The Bull’s Head, Strand on the Green
The Rose & Crown, Kew Green
Strand Cafe

Queen of the Urn
Ann Clifford



Special thanks to
Paul Adams, Arri Media, CAP Bradley, Barnaby Laws at Panalux,
Keith Broughton, Paddy & Mel Broughton,
the Bull’s Head Pub in Strand on the Green,
Judi Butler, Sue Casey, Simon Hill, George Katz,
Grove Park Cars, David Morphy at Cirro Lite,
Penelope Nice, Pinewood Studios,
Jamie Peoples and the staff at the Rose and Crown in Kew, Steve Richmond,
Alex Rofaila, Terry Ackland Snow, Strand Café, Catrin Strong,
Tim Surrey, James Wootton and Sylvia Wootton



Cameras provided by
Solid State Productions

 Lighting provided by

 Monitor provided by

 Radios provided by
Wavevend Ltd

Celebrity supplied by
Kino- Flo



Filmed on location in West London and Kew, Surrey

Copyright © 2012, Hurcheon Ltd & Webra Multimedia Ltd. All rights reserved.