Virgin Media Shorts

Stranger Danger is the Hurcheon Films/Webra Multimedia entry into the Virgin Media Shorts Competition 2012.

Please come and view the film before July 19 2012 at

If you’ve enjoyed it, please ‘like’ it on the site and share it with your network via Facebook, Twitter, email or trusty word of mouth.

12 films will be chosen as the finalists by a panel of judges, but there’s a Lucky 13th film that’s chosen by social media. Each time you ‘like’ a film, tweet it (tweets must include #ShortsLucky13 AND the name “Stranger Dagner”) or share it via the ‘share’ button on the film’s page, you’ll be racking up points for our entry. The film with the most points nabs the 13th spot!

And yes, “Stranger Dagner “is an irredeemable typo for Stranger Danger – a symptom of independent film making at its weariest!

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